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Mediated Policy Effects of Foreign Governments on Iraqi Independent Media During Elections Icon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

The Media Reality in Iraqi Kurdistan

A light-hearted invitation to journalists to visit Iraqi Kurdistan

Alice Hlidkova reports on the state of the media in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the reality does not always live up to the ideals promulgated by those who run the autonomous region.

Iraq: A Diverse Media

A collage of Iraqi media logos

David A. Rousu argues that Iraq now qualifies as having a diverse media, despite some government ownership and occasional instances in which the authorities have used legal provisions against media organizations .

Baghdad Burning: The blogosphere, literature and the art of war

courtesy of The Feminist Press,

In an age of homogenized reporting, bloggers on both sides of the Iraq war are filling the void of personal coverage and challenging the narratives of war planners and mainstream media alike. Wayne Hunt traces this phenomenon with two case studies.

The Spectacle of War: Insurgent video propaganda and Western response

Middle East insurgencies are learning from each other’s media strategies, writes Contributing Editor Andrew Exum. Can the U.S. Military catch up?

BOOK REVIEW | Mission Al Jazeera: Build a Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World

Josh Rushing’s Mission Al Jazeera is cookie-cutter "celebrity bio" whose analysis of Al Jazeera and other Arab media developments relies heavily on other scholars, says Tom Scudder.

BOOK REVIEW | Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: The Coalition, Al-Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion

Steve Tatham makes a strong contribution to correcting the record on Al Jazeera, especially in the wake of the negative publicity directed against the channel by American officials after September 11th and during the continuing war in Iraq, says Laura Smith in her review of Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: The Coalition, Al-Jazeera and Muslim Public Opinion.

BOOK REVIEW | Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq, Volume II

With Riverbend’s blog, no longer is the reader limited to news reports from major networks or White House press conferences: the blog phenomena and particularly that of Riverbend and her blogging peers represents an uncensored real-time account of war, politics, and the perils of neo-imperialism, says Alexandra Izabela Jerome.

Death by Video Phone: Coverage of Saddam Hussein's Execution

Satellite coverage of Saddam Hussein's execution.

It is perhaps ironic that the man who controlled the broadcast of his image with an iron grip was executed in one of the most widely watched news events of recent times, says Vivian Salama.

'The Perfect War': US Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990/1991Icon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

US Public Diplomacy Czar Karen Hughes (AP).

In this article, Nicholas Cull reviews the performance of the United States Information Agency (USIA) during the Gulf Crisis and War of 1990-91. He concludes by contrasting the effective US use of public diplomacy during this period with the problems encountered following 9/11.