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Saudi Arabia

Saudi bloggers, women’s issues and NGOs

The home page of the Saudi blog

Chiara Bernardi's preliminary work on Saudi bloggers and international NGOs finds that they sometimes seem to have different priorities when it comes to women's issues.

Islamic music video channel 4Shbab launches

Funded by Saudi investors, the Islamic music video network 4Shbab is the latest project of Ahmed Abu Haiba, former producer for the Amr Khaled series Kalam min al-Qalb. Video segment prepared by Ismail Elmokadem along with three video clips currently on air.

Reading Lohaidan in Riyadh: Media and the struggle for judicial power in Saudi Arabia

The head of Saudi Arabia’s Sharia courts made waves during Ramadan when he said that satellite channel owners were liable for execution for airing “indecent programming.” But this controversy goes far beyond broadcast standards, argues Andrew Hammond.

Arab youth, television and “affluenza”

Does high television viewing correlate with more materialistic values in the Arab World? Recent survey data suggest not, says Mark Harmon.

Saudi Arabia's Media Empire: keeping the masses at home

Al Arabiya's Studios.  Photograph courtesy of Al Arabiya

Andrew Hammond looks at the structures of Saudi Arabia’s media influence and the formal and informal pressures it can bring to bear on media outlets to secure their desired coverage.

Saudi Arabia's Media Influence

Al Arabiya presenter Cyba Audi in the studio.  Photograph courtesy of Al Arabiya.

Contributing Editor Paul Cochrane looks at the historical origins and current techniques of Saudi influence on the Arabic media landscape.