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The Debate Over Al Jazeera English in Burlington, VT.Icon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

Central Burlington and the Al Jazeera logo

William Youmans analyzes the debate in Burlington, Vermont, over whether the local cable TV company should or should not carry Al Jazeera English. He concludes that Burlington was a special case, rather than the harbinger of a breakthrough into the US market for AJE.

Can Al Jazeera English Leverage its 'Egypt Moment' into an American Audience?

Al Jazeera in American Homes? - picture by Mike Licht

Al Jazeera English is campaigning for greater access to the US market, building on positive publicity about its coverage of the Egyptian revolution. But research by William Youmans and Katie Brown suggests that substantial prejudice against AJE persists among segments of the American public, even after they are exposed to its coverage.

For the record - US House of Representatives resolution on Middle East broadcastersIcon indicating an associated article is new

The complete text of U.S. House of Representatives resolution 2278, which would penalize satellite providers that contract with broadcasters such as al-Manar and al-Aqsa. The US Senate has not yet acted on the resolution