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Stickers Against Libya's Grand Mufti Provoke Social Media Ire

August 15, 2016—Activists expressed anger on social media today in response to stickers spread throughout Tripoli slandering Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani. The stickers appeared under the cover of dark late last night. Posts defending the Mufti flooded Facebook with the hashtag "Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani represents me."

US Airstrikes in Libya Draw Suspicion and Mixed Reactions

August 4, 2016—On Monday, the Presidential Council of Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) requested that the United States level airstrikes against ISIS holdings in the Libyan city Sirte. As ground offensive against the radical group continues, Libyans in power remain split on US intervention.

Libya's UN-Installed Government Cracks Down on Media as Opposition Protests Rage

July 30, 2016—Angry protestors marched in Martyrs’ Square yesterday, defying government measures to ban such gatherings. Outraged by the passivity of the new UN-installed government, protestors denounced al-Sarraj and demanded that he leave office.

Libya's Ministry of Education Tries to Ban Social Media After Exams Leaked

July 18, 2016—Amidst a leaked exams crisis, Libya's Ministry of Education is seeking to block social media sites for the duration of the secondary school exams.

Social Media in Syria’s Uprising and Post-Revolution Libya: An Analysis of Activists’ and Blogger’s Online Engagement

Masudul Biswas and Carrie Sipes perform a comparative content analysis of Twitter and Facebook posts from a sample of Syrian and Libyan activist groups. By considering online content in the context of post-revolution Libya and the continuing upheaval in Syria, the authors shed new light on online activist agenda-setting. They find that while social media is used as a tool to maintain and expand momentum during revolution, in a post-revolution climate the same media serves as a venue for idea-sharing and political discourse.

News Consumption among Young Libyan Adults

Watching Libyan TV news on a car dashboard - picture by Tark Siala

Mokhtar Elareshi and Barrie Gunter present the findings of a survey on the television news viewing habits of Libyan students. The survey confirms that pan-Arab television stations are their favorite choice, displacing the local alternatives.