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DMC TV Network Takes Over

February 28, 2017—DMC TV network started broadcasting its long list of television programs and series in Egypt on January 14, establishing itself as a major player in the Arab media landscape. Speaking to Al-Watan newspaper in January, Emad Rabie—DMC’sCEO—said that the coming period will witness the launching of further channels such as DMC Kids, DMC News and DMC Masrah (Theatre).

FILM REVIEW | I Am The People

State Control Over Film Production in EgyptIcon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

INTERVIEW | Past, Present, and Future Violence in Lebanese Comics

BOOK EXCERPT | Beirut: Past, Present, Future? Memory and Anxiety in Contemporary Lebanese Comics in Beirut, Imagining the City

BOOK EXCERPT | Mohamed Chouikh: From Anticolonial Commemoration to a Cinema of Contestation in Ten Arab Filmmakers

BOOK EXCERPT | Syria's Drama Outpouring from Syria from Reform to Revolt, Vol. 2

PODCAST | Old Verses in a New Climate

As the ramifications of the Arab Spring fade away, we look at how Arabic hip-hop has evolved since that time. Sean O’Keefe, author of the once popular but now inactive blog Revolutionary Arab Rap, offers his perspectives on Arabic hip-hop music in terms of its history, development, media coverage, and regional diversity. He also explains how Arab rappers in the diaspora and female rappers are distinct.

Egyptian Filmmaker Mohamed Khan Dies at 73

July 26, 2016—Following a sudden health crisis, Egyptian director and filmmaker Mohamed Khan died this morning at age 73. He changed the face of Egyptian cinema in the 1980s with the expansion of neo-realism. Khan was born in Cairo in 1942 and studied at the London International Film School.

Tunisia's Star Wars Day: The Force (Re)Awakens

July 26, 2016—The American Embassy in Tunis and the fan club Star Wars Tunisia will host “Star Wars Day” tomorrow. The day is dedicated to exploring the iconic films and their roots in Tunisia.

Egyptian Media Company Buys ONTV from Tycoon Naguib Sawiris

A baby perches ON a TV in honor of this monumental acquisition. Photography by Stephen Roat. Thumbnail: ONTV's official logo.

May 15, 2016—Naguib Sawiris has sold the company that owns television channel ONTV. According to a spokesperson today, the company was bought by one of Ahmed Abu Hashima's enterprises, the Egyptian Media Company.

Egypt's Bassem Youssef to Host Satirical Show on U.S. Politics

Bassem Youssef at the London Conference 2016. Photography adapted from Chatham House. Thumbnail: screen shot from a 2012 talk. Videography by California News Service.

February 3, 2016—American media company Fusion and the office of Bassem Youssef announced on Sunday that the Egyptian heart surgeon turned award-winning television show host will be working with the network.

Whose Cairo is Featured in al-Qahira music video?

February 3, 2016—“One of two Egyptian music idols has just returned from Dubai, the other from Germany, to shoot a video for a duet sung in praise of a Cairo that they cannot actually stand living in,” wrote a young Egyptian dentist in a Facebook post that was shared more than 7,600 times and liked by 26,000 people as of Wednesday.

Turkish soap operas in the Arab world: social liberation or cultural alienation?

Noor and Muhannad from the Arabized Turkish soap opera Noor

Alexandra Buccianti looks at the Turkish soap opera phenomenon as a successful model of hybridization and sets it against the background of Turkey's historical role in the Arab world

From Saints to Sinners: Identity and celebrity in a contemporary Iranian television serial

Narges prays in a white chador

The Iranian television drama Narges was a smash hit in 2006, but the action wasn’t just on screen. Josie Delap examines the relationships between the stars’ on-air characters and their private personas, including a sex tape scandal that roiled the Iranian authorities.

Syria under the Spotlight: Television satire that is revolutionary in form, reformist in content

Marlin Dick traces the origins and behind the scenes drama of the Syrian sketch comedy program Spotlight.
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Television and the Ethnographic Endeavor: The Case of Syrian DramaIcon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

Customers in a Cairo watch musalsalat during Ramadan.  Photograph by Tara Todras-Whitehill.

In contemporary Syria, the TV industry’s centrality renders it a particularly revealing site of ethnographic endeavor. It provides a valuable point of access to a complex and rapidly changing society, argues Christa Salamandra.