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BOOK REVIEW | The News Media at War: The Clash of Western and Arab Networks in the Middle East

BOOK EXCERPT | Online Activism in the Middle East: Political Power and Authoritarian Governments from Egypt to Kuwait

FILM REVIEW | I Am The People

BOOK EXCERPT | Beirut: Past, Present, Future? Memory and Anxiety in Contemporary Lebanese Comics in Beirut, Imagining the City

BOOK EXCERPT | Mohamed Chouikh: From Anticolonial Commemoration to a Cinema of Contestation in Ten Arab Filmmakers

Nuqat’s “The Seventh Sense: Powering the Creative Economy”

BOOK EXCERPT | Syria's Drama Outpouring from Syria from Reform to Revolt, Vol. 2

FILM REVIEW | Pressurized Conflict Laid Bare in Clash

CONFERENCE REPORT | IPI World Congress: How to Cover Violent Extremism and Survive

Under the banner “Journalism at Risk: Safety and Professionalism in a Dangerous World,” the 2016 World Congress of the International Press Institute (IPI) convened in Doha, Qatar in March to tackle the dangers of covering terrorism and other forms of political violence.

BOOK EXCERPT | Sinai: Egypt’s Linchpin, Gaza’s Lifeline, Israel’s Nightmare

In his most recent book, Mohannad Sabry examines a region that remains a mystery to people around the world. His thorough research and extensive field experience yield profound insight into the complex claims in the territory that have influenced Sinai's history and its present.

BOOK EXCERPT | Media Power and Global Television News: The Role of Al Jazeera English

In her recent book, Seba Bebawi assesses the veracity of Al Jazeera English's self-proclaimed role as a radical "counter-balance" to mainstream global media. She demonstrates a nuanced understanding of modern media through direct narrative comparisons of the same events covered by Al Jazeera English and by other media outlets.

BOOK REVIEW | Visual Propaganda and Extremism in the Online Environment

Ronnie Close, an academic and assistant professor at the American University in Cairo, welcomes the volume into the discourse on visual content. He contextualizes the scholarly work by providing information on related fields, and he assesses the compilation's overall cohesion.

BOOK EXCERPT | Media, Revolution and Politics in Egypt

With the demise of the second Arab autocrat within a month, people power seemed on the verge of revolutionizing the Middle East, a region known for its monarchs and presidents for life. Abdalla Hassan's book unpacks Egypt’s media and political dynamics—tracing events leading up to the 2011 revolution, the 18 days of uprising, military rule, an Islamist president’s year in office, his ouster by the army, and the reestablishment of the military presidency. Expanded freedoms of expression, in the press and on the streets, have contracted with the skillful reinvention of repression. This is the story of an uprising.

POLICY REVIEW | After the Arab Uprisings: The Prospects for a Media that Serves the Public.

Managing Editor Sarah El-Shaarawi conducts an in depth review of BBC Media Action's policy breif After the Arab Uprisings: The prospects for a media that serves the public, examining the viability of their proposed recommendations for reforming Arab national broadcasters.

BOOK REVIEW | Palestinian Cinema: Landscape, Trauma, and Memory

Although the book is poorly rendered into English, Gertz and Khleifi offer an insightful look into Palestinian film and draw an important link between art and politics in Palestinian society, says Sonia Rosen.

BOOK REVIEW | Popular Culture and Political Identity in the Arab Gulf States

This volume is a welcome start to the long-overdue project of challenging stereotypes of the Gulf as a backward, tribal culture that has been overwhelmed by global cosmopolitanism, argues Reviews Editor Samer Abboud.

BOOK REVIEW | Media Censorship in the Middle East

Jabbar al-Obaidi’s typology of the region’s media is a valuable contribution, writes John Measor, but imprecise analysis and failure to engage with existing scholarship undermines the work as a whole.

BOOK REVIEW | Desiring Arabs

Massad’s work on Arab sexuality in literature and media in reference to Said’s Orientalism will no doubt promote fruitful discussions, says Stephanie Tara Schwartz.

BOOK REVIEW | Masters and Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema

Hamid Dabashi gives “blood and bone” to the lives and predicaments of Iran’s filmmakers. Yet his conceptions of “realism” seem to be surrogates for aesthetic judgments, argues Farouk Mitha.

BOOK REVIEW | Asad in Search of Legitimacy: Message and Rhetoric in the Syrian Press under Hafiz and Bashar

Side-by-side renderings of Arabic articles and their English translations make the book useful for students and researchers, yet crude generalizations and culturalist arguments deflect from Kedar’s analytical contributions, argues Book Review Editor Samer Abboud.

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