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The Arab uprisings of 2011 triggered a wave of discourse on media and social movements. As interest grew, so did questions about the scope and impact of media, particularly new media, on the events that unfolded. In the three years since the upheaval began, AMS has been home to robust analysis of events from across the region. In the pages of this special print edition you will find a selection of articles primarily from our archives. For more information, including how to acquire a copy, please click the title link.

Three Years Since the Spring: Special Print Edition Now Available

What's Inside: 

The Arab Spring and the Discourse of Desperaton: Shifting from an Authoritarian to a Democratic Discourse By El Mustapha Lahlali

Cyberactivism in the Egyptian Revolution How Civic Engagement and Citizen Journalism Tilted the Balance By Sahar Khamis & Katherine Vaughn

Twitter and Tyrants: New Media and its Effects on Sovereignty in the Middle East By Wiebke Lamer

Egypt’s Media Ecology in a Time of Revolution By Mark Allen Peterson

Why the Arab World Needs Community Radio By Daoud Kuttab

Rebuilding Egyptian Media for a Democratic Future By Ramy Aly

Is the Egyptian Press Ready for Democracy? Evaluating Newspaper Coverage as an Indicator of Democratization By Noah Rayman

From TUNeZINE to Nhar 3la 3mmar: A Reconsideration of the Role of Bloggers in the Tunisian Revolution By Amy Kallander

‘Not Ready for Democracy:’ Social Networking and the Power of the People -- The Revolts of 2011 in a Temporalized Context By Robert Hassan

Technology Cannot a Revolution Make: Nas-Book not Facebook By Nabil Dajani

Digital Activism: Efficacies and Burdens of Social Media for Civic Activism By Jad Melki & Sarah Mallat

A Revolutionary Role of a Remnant of the Past? The Future of the Egyptian Journalist Syndicate after the January 25th Revolution By Miriam Berger

The Scene of the Crime: October 9th, Maspero, and Egyptian Journalism after the Revolution By Maurice Chammah

Also featuring the photography of Ghazala Irshad 



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