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Afghanistan/Iran: Iran’s Press TV Kabul correspondent detained

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) website

Press TV's correspondent in Kabul was arrested by US and Afghan security forces on Sunday [7 October] evening whilst on his way home from work. He was detained for 18 hours.

According to ISNA, after his arrest, Faez Khurshid was taken to a car where he was rendered unconscious by the US forces' military equipment. He was then taken to an unknown location in Kabul's Polcharkhi area.

US forces have said that the correspondent was arrested because he was accusing them of being behind the unrest in Afghanistan. The correspondent was beaten and threatened by US forces. Evidence of his treatment can be found on Khurshid's face.

This correspondent has become mentally disturbed as a result of being accused of espionage and threatened by US forces. He intends to stop working for Press TV.

After finding out about the incident, the international office informed Press TV of the incident and followed up the case through Iran's embassy.

Source: ISNA website, Tehran, in Persian 1428 gmt 8 Oct 07


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