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Al-Akhbar (Lebanon) “What settlement does Moussa want with the drums of war booming?”

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Ibrahime Al-Amine, chairman of the board of directors of the independent pro-opposition newspaper Al-Akhbar, wrote on February 22: “How can Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League, save himself from this spider's web strangling Lebanon and the region? Up till last night, all the ideas were delivered stillborn. All the factions were pitching ideas that they believed to be viable. Meanwhile, Moussa’s aides filled ever more pages in their memoirs, which are likely to receive awards as the best explanatory tales of the Lebanese puzzle. The Lebanese leaders are thinking daily about the intentions of the other faction, while the streets and alley ways are fully mobilized in search for victims from the “other” side.

“The leadership of the Lebanese army and the command of the internal security forces have surrendered themselves to the reality and instead of using direct and clear methods, they were forced to dig deep into the archives of the long civil war from which they extracted the film of the joint security committees. Thus Lebanon has witnessed the birth of a central security committee between the main Islamic forces. We will soon witness the birth of a central security committee for the Christians. We will soon have to memorize the names of the hundreds of members of the subcommittees in the cities and neighbourhoods. We also soon witness the convening of dozens of spiritual summits and political handshakes and other such ploys, which the Lebanese abandoned in the past, but it seems that the intensity of the current tension points to the fact that the new generation is anxious to return to these games.

“But where is the problem that is causing all of this? The majority team will never stop accusing Syria, Iran and their allied forces in Lebanon of standing behind the tension. The opposition will not need much effort to accuse the United States and Saudi Arabia of standing behind the migratory strife… But what is clear today is that the main factor that will foil Moussa’s mission is this sudden and unusual Saudi interference in the Lebanese issue, not in the traditional sense, but in a manner that is directly concerned with fighting a battle against the influence of others. This interference comes in the context of the open Saudi battle against Syria, which is accompanied by unprecedented Saudi mobilization against Hezbollah and the resistance and accusations against a large segment of the Christians that they are now outside the historical context of the Lebanese state.

“The noteworthy aspects of the Saudi attitude include the following:

- Saudi Arabia is standing alongside the forces opposed to the resistance movement in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq as the Saudi regime is announcing publicly that it endorses the American project. But when anyone discusses the Saudi attitude, someone always comes out to say: didn't you hear the Saudi king Abdullah describe the American presence in Iraq as illegal occupation? As if they want to justify all the cooperation between the Saudi regime and its security forces by pointing to this attitude, which remains only a verbal one, while the Saudi forces keep ensuring that hundreds of Saudi suicide bombers end up in Iraq so that they can get rid of them, despite the fact that these bombers keep attacking Iraqi civilians.

- The black context of the American-Israeli project in the region necessitates strong attacks on the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq and even stronger attacks on Syria and Iran, which demands a certain level of mobilization, specifically one that causes strong divisions among the people. Thus the Americans found only sectarian strife as a useful tool and they benefited from the fact that some Iraqi Shi’is cooperated with them in the project aimed at dividing Iraq… How else could the supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iraqi resistance be isolated, except through strife?

- The assassination of the Hezbollah military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, even though it was the result of a 20-year effort, carried a political signature and this is the same signature that authorized secret warrants aimed at liquidating as many of the resistance leaders as possible in a context that will lead the region into a very tough confrontation. Even though this confrontation will entail some prices to be paid by the Americans and Israelis, the main dirty roles will be played by the forces allied to Washington and indirectly allied to Israel behind the justifications about the necessity of defending their power. This is the reason behind the current provocations by the poles of the American axis, which are aimed at causing sectarian wars and destabilizing all the countries opposed to the United States as a prelude to waging a large-scale war.

“Thus amidst all this charged atmosphere, it is hard to expect solutions that come on their own just as it is hard to expect any American, European or Saudi Arabian concessions in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq…” - Al-Akhbar Lebanon, Lebanon



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