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Algeria paper accuses Al-Jazeera TV of collusion with

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Text of editorial entitled: "Al-Jazeera TV scandalous opinion polls: 'For or against attacks" published by Algerian newspaper Liberte website on 17 December

Praising terrorism continues to be one of the main editorials of the Qatari TV station Al-Jazeera. After having broadcast programmes on the origin of terrorism in Algeria, attributing it to the disbanding of the FIS [Islamic Salvation Front] and the interruption of the electoral process, the Al-Jazeera TV Rabat bureau chief has become a liaison officer for the GSPC [Salafi Group for Call and Combat]. He received videotapes of the attacks perpetrated in Algiers to be broadcast in Doha. By conducting an opinion poll following the 11 December tragedy, Al-Jazeera has come up with something new.

The opinion poll relied on one single question: Are you in favour of the Al-Qa'idah attacks in Algeria? The answer is simply "Yes" or "No". The answers are serious: 54 per cent of those interviewed supported terrorist attacks in Algeria. This, once again, confirms this cannel's responsibility in spreading terrorist propaganda and its role as a spokesman for the GSPC and fo! r Al-Qa'idah; a role which it describes as "mere dissemination of information".

Worse, the opinion poll revealed that the quasi-majority of the Al-Jazeera TV audience sympathizes with Al-Qa'idah. While all Ulamas [religious scholars] have condemned the terrorist attacks in Algeria, the Qatari TV station continues to provide airtime for the messages of the "jihadists" and "salafists" and even to terrorist chiefs to announce their attacks as was the case on 11 December.

However, in the face of criticism which it received, Al-Jazeera was forced to withdraw the opinion poll. This led the Islamists as well as the Salafists, through their Internet websites, to stage a campaign against the Qatari TV channel accusing it of "censoring the results of the opinion poll".

In fact, this is not the first time that Al-Jazeera faces criticism by a terrorist organization. Al-Qa'idah has violently attacked Al-Jazeera TV after the latter broadcast a message by [Usamah] Bin-L! adin, accusing it of having omitted passages in the message. This furt her confirms that there is a deal between this TV channel and terrorist organizations, including Al-Qa'idah and GSPC.

Source: Liberte, website, Algiers, in French 17 Dec 07



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