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Arts, commercial satellite TV to launch in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

BBC Monitoring Iraqi Kurdistan Region is to launch an independent satellite TV station exclusively for arts and commercial advertisements, the pro-Kurdistan Democratic Party website Peyamner reported on 26 May.     The report said that independent commercial channel VIN would be launched soon in Duhok, Kurdistan Region, for business and arts. The …

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Israel: Ultra-orthodox group launches

BBC Monitoring Text of report by web version of Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on 22 May     The kosher Internet has been launched. With a host of blocks against surfing prohibited sites, with a small white list of approved sites, and with an identified e-mail address that will enable identifying rogue ultra-orthodox …

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Oman: First privately-owned FM station to open

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Omani newspaper Times of Oman website on 22 May     A new phase in the broadcasting history of Oman begins today. Hala 102.7 FM will be launched as the first privately-owned FM station in the Sultanate. Hala 102.7 FM will be officially inaugurated by His …

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