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Hollywood North: Creating the Canadian Motion Picture Industry

Spencer, Michael and Susan Ayscough. Hollywood North: Creating the Canadian Motion Picture Industry. Paperback. 230 Pages. Cantos International Publishing: Montreal, Canada. 2003. ISBN 2- 89594-007-X 230. Canadian $30. Reviewed by Janet Fine Film industries around the world seem to name themselves after Hollywood, the epicenter of filmdom, from Bombay's "Bollywood," to …

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Global Communication

Kamalipour,Yahya R. ed. Global Communication. Wadsworth Thomson Learning: Belmont, CA. 2002. Paperback. 288 pages. ISBN 0-534-56127-6. Reviewed by Ralph Berenger, American University in Cairo Scholars and teachers in the dynamic field of international communications will find much to recommend in this collection of 13 chapters by academicians from around the world …

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From 9/11 to Terror War: The Dangers of the Bush Legacy

Kellner, Douglas. From 9/11 to Terror War: The Dangers of the Bush Legacy. Rowman and Littlefield: Oxford. 2003. ISBN 0-7425-2637-2. $21.95. Reviewed by Rasha El-Ibiary, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Douglas Kellner's book, From 9/11 to Terror War, provides the reader with an interestingly critical overview of US foreign policy post 9/11, …

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Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror

Schechter, Danny. Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror. Paperback. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham, Maryland. 2003. 234 pages. ISBN 0-7425-3109-0. US$23. Hachten, William A. and James F. Scotton. The World News Prism: Global Media in an Era of Terrorism. 6th edition. Paperback. Iowa State Press: Ames, Iowa. 2002. 204 pages. ISBN …

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ICC: Three Days, One Theme…Many, Many Topics

The Intercultural Communication Conference, an annual conclave of communication scholars sans frontieres in Coral Gables, Florida, is nothing if not diverse. The 18th meeting of the conference, sponsored by the University of Miami School of Communication March 1-3, had human rights as its central theme, but even that could cover …

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