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Business and Financial Broadcasting

Business journalists discuss transparency and conflict of interest in reporting business news and financial information at Newsworld Asia, held in Singapore May 9-11, 2001. Thanks to Newsworld for permission to publish this transcript. Moderated by Chris Donville, Bloomberg, and featuring panelists Matt Winkler, editor-in-chief, Bloomberg; Melvin Yong, Finance News Editor, Channel News Asia; Zafar Siddiqi, Chairman and …

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Covering the War on Terrorism

A panel discussion sponsored by the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the Arab Studies Journal, Georgetown University, Jan. 24, 2002. The transcript is published here with the kind permission and assistance of CCAS. Moderated by Michael Hudson, Professor of Arab Studies and International Relations, Georgetown University. Panelists: Marvin Kalb, Executive Director, Harvard …

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Corporatization of the Media

The world's media is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer companies. Is it just paranoia to suggest global media giants are willing to forgo journalistic quality and ethics in exchange for shareholder return? Mass media has always been influenced and controlled by megalomaniacs; will the corporations be …

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VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM : Broadcasting in Latin America

From a discussion conducted online, Feb. 16, 2000, on the state of broadcasting in Latin America. Joseph Straubhaar: One of our questions for discussion today is, has the import of international programming into Latin America affected what's being produced locally? How? Conversely, has local production affected the import of international programming …

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Transnational Broadcasting in Asia

An online discussion with Philip Kitley, Keval Kumar, Brian Shoesmith, Amos Owen Thomas, and Tony Wilson TBS: Some experts believe transnational broadcasting has the potential to bring harmony between subgroups and between nations. Others believe the opposite, that the diversity of cultures that transnational broadcasting reflects and spreads will in the …

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