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Leah Ida Harris & Nader K. Uthman

Nader K. Uthman studies and teaches modern Arabic language, literature and culture in New York.

Leah Harris received an M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University in 2000. Her poetry has been published in Mizna: Prose, Poetry, and Art Exploring Arab America, and she was a recipient of the American University in Cairo's Madlyn Lamont Literary Award for the Short Story in Arabic in 2001.

‘Zii`!’ (Broadcast It!): Local Manifestations of the Global in the Egyptian Television Show Al Camera Al Khafeya (Hidden Camera)

“Any work that I do depends on the will of the audience.” (Ibrahim Nasr, Akhbar al-Nuguum, 433, 1/20/2001) Introduction Over the past few years, a growing trend in television is the seeming willingness to push the envelope of so-called “good taste.” While this is not a new phenomenon, we are …

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