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Madeleine Bair leads a team that sources, verifies, and contextualizes citizen video for WITNESS, an international human rights organization. Her project, the Human Rights Channel, is a collaboration between WITNESS, YouTube, and Storyful, and has been nominated for a Webby two years running. Prior to WITNESS, Bair produced multimedia for leading human rights organizations around the world, and worked for a decade as a print, radio, and multimedia reporter. Her stories have appeared in MediaShift, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Orion, and broadcast on PRI's The World and the public television program, POV, among other outlets.

Navigating the Ethics of Citizen Video: The Case of a Sexual Assault in Egypt

Using video of a sexual assault in Tahrir Square as a case study, Madeleine Bair discusses the ethical and logistical considerations of citizen video as a means for social documentation. Bair points to the emergent challenges including reliability, consent, preservation and security, as citizen videos are sourced with increasing regularity by both new and traditional media. The Egyptian video, which sparked national change and international outrage, is a striking example of how citizen video can both shine light on an issue and stir controversy.

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