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Muhammad Y Gamal

Muhammad Y Gamal is a senior Arabic interpreter working for the Australian Federal Government in Canberra. Muhammad grew up in Alexandria and was educated at the Faculty of Alsun before migrating to Australia. He obtained his PhD in Translation Studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In his doctorate he examined the DVD subtitling of Omar Sharif’s Egyptian films. Gamal’s interests include audiovisual translation, diplomatic interpreting and the Egyptian image abroad.

A Marriage of Misunderstanding

In April 2014, Egypt’s then foreign minister Nabil Fahmy used a marriage simile to describe the country’s relationship with the United States. At home, the expression didn’t translate. Muhammad Y Gamal discusses the challenges associated with media translation, and makes a case for the development of a coherent media translation policy in Egypt.

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Why Egypt needs an Audiovisual Translation Authority

Muhammad Y Gamal makes a compelling case for the establishment of an Egyptian Audiovisual Translation Authority. Laying out a short history of translation in Egypt, Gamal argues that the country has not laid the groundwork to keep up with changing modalities of translation and communication in the information age. This, he argues, is critical for the proper development of several sectors, including education, tourism, entertainment and foreign affairs.

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