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Nour Halabi

Nour Halabi is a doctoral researcher at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on the political economy of communication in the Middle East, as well as global comparative politics of communication. She received her Licence from the Paris (IV) University- Sorbonne and her Masters from the London School of Economics. She has presented her research at the International Communication Association Annual Conference in Seattle, The Westminster School, and The Annenberg School for Communication.

Media Privatization and the Fate of Social Democracy in Egypt

Nour Halabi asks why the social democratic aims of the January 2011 Revolution have not been advanced in the four years since. Halabi posits that private media ownership structures established during Mubarak's neoliberal economic reform initiative are largely to blame, arguing that despite the popular demands for social justice, the structure of Egyptian commercialized media inhibited the translation of social justice demands into discussions of economic policy.

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