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Rasha Allam

Rasha Allam​ is ​assistant professor and associate chair at the Department Journalism and Mass Communication. Dr. Allam is a graduate of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (BA-2002, MA-2005), School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at The American University in Cairo and the Annenberg school for Communication​, University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University joint program of Media Laws and Regulations. ​​Her Doctorate, in Business Administration (DBA), is from Maastricht School of Management​ (2011) ​ with specialization in Media Management. Dr. Allam’s research interests include Egyptian and Arab media ​management systems, Arab broadcast media laws, policies and regulations​, media monitoring, media and elections in the Middle East. 

Trump, Twitter, and Regulation of Big Tech: Perspectives from the Arab World

The suspension of the Twitter account of former U.S. president Donald Trump after violating the platform’s publishing policies brought forth significant controversy and aroused many questions about the right to freedom of expression and its boundaries, not only in the United States, but across the globe. In the Arab region, …

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Report: The American University in Cairo’s “Tahrir Dialogue: Media Changes in Tunisia after the Revolution” featuring Kamel Labidi

Rasha Allam reports on the efforts of Kamel Labidi, former head of the National Authority for the Reform of Media and Communication, to enact media reform in Tunisia. Two months after Labidi spoke about his work at the American University in Cairo (May 9, 2012), he and his commission resigned, citing a lack of political will for media reform and obstruction from the newly elected Ennahda-led government.

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