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Books in Brief

Al-Jaber, Khalid. The Credibility of Arab Broadcasting: The Case of Al Jazeera. Doha: National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage, 2004. Hard cover. 118 pages. ISBN: 99921-25-26-3. No price listed. Reviewed by Ralph D. Berenger Arab world academics are fascinated with the impact of Al Jazeera on viewing habits, and many studies …

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Satellite Chronicles: May to November 2004

Compiled by the editors May 2004 Abu Dhabi TV announces "a modest but varied" programming season to parallel that of other satellite channels. News programming is tapped to take a back seat compared to variety shows. The absence of "arts" programming is explained by the station by reference to its …

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Lina Sawan, CNBC Senior News Anchor

Lina Sawan's is one of the most familiar faces on CNBC Arabiya. TBS caught her for a few words between programs. TBS: What do you do here at CNBC? I'm a presenter and the presentation advisor. I present a couple of shows. As presentation advisor, I'm in charge of training …

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From the Editors

The fat lady probably has yet to sing, but this Iraq War is over as far as satellite TV is concerned. Not the coverage, of course—a percentage of the TV news is devoted to the continuing mayhem—but the special journalistic regime, the talking heads crowned with tin hats, the near …

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Arabsats—the Debate

The Arab 24-hour news satellite channels have come in for both strong condemnation and extravagant praise since the first of them, Al Jazeera, launched in 1996. Whatever their opinion of their methods and positions however, few would disagree that they constitute the most important phenomenon in Arab media for many …

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Cyba Audi

While TBS was visiting CNBC Arabiya, Cyba Audi was on the monitors all over the building presenting her show Kalam al Suq. Later we caught up with her for a chat. TBS: Tell us what you were doing before? Audi: At CNBC Arabiya I present two shows, Kalam al Suq ("Market Talk") …

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