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Lina Sawan, CNBC Senior News Anchor

Lina Sawan's is one of the most familiar faces on CNBC Arabiya. TBS caught her for a few words between programs. TBS: What do you do here at CNBC? I'm a presenter and the presentation advisor. I present a couple of shows. As presentation advisor, I'm in charge of training …

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Yosri Fouda

TBS: It seems to me Al Jazeera is at a critical point. In contrast to the Afghan War, which you covered --at least from the Taliban side-- largely by yourself and without any Arab competition, this last Iraq War provided the Arab satellite TV audience with an extraordinarily competitive field—you …

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Adnan Sharif

  Adnan Sharif, who took over as manager of Al Jazeera from Mohammed Jasim Al Ali in the spring, is one of the Al Jazeera's founders, having made the initial studies for the channel while he was in London, where he started work in 1989 as a current affairs and …

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Ibrahim Helal and Amr El-Kahky

S. Abdallah Schleifer interviews Ibrahim Helal, editor-in-chief, and Amr El-Kahky, correspondent. TBS: Do you consider the latest Gulf War as still another turning point for Al Jazeera, in the sense that the Afghan War was when Al Jazeera established itself as a global rather than only a regional player in …

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