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Peer Reviewed Scholarship

Transformations and Trends in Science Journalism as Viewed by the Egyptian Media and Scientific Community

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. The study aims to identify the common perceptions and evaluation of the journalistic and scientific community in Egypt, of current transformations and trends in scientific journalism. The study does so, in order to determine the following: 1) The position of scientific journalism in society; …

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More than Meets the Eye: A Multimodal Approach to Science-Popularizing Discourse and Representation of the ‘Other’ in a Selection of National Geographic Feature Articles

Abstract National Geographic Magazine (NGM) is an American cultural icon renowned for the dissemination of geographic knowledge, the exhilaration of cultural explorations, the popularization of science discourse, and the cultivation of visual imaginaries. Among popular science magazines, its distinctive force in the popular imagination squarely lies in the manipulation and …

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The Role of Egyptian Science YouTube Channels in Promoting Scientific Literacy- An analytical study based on Media Richness Theory (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Due to the rapid technological and scientific advances nowadays, the need to improve scientific literacy has become increasingly important for Arab citizens. YouTube is a Web 2.0 video-sharing platform, widely used by ordinary citizens-called “YouTubers”- to increase the public's interest in science and science …

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