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America’s Voice as it could have been

The inability of Sawa and Alhurra to speak with critical populations in the Middle East and their emphasis on the most trivial of American pop culture have marginalized the United States and prevented a reasoned and substantive conversation between the United States and the Arab world, says former VOA Director Myrna Whitworth.

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Sexual Healing: How big is Kalaam Kibeer?

Al Mehwar’s Heba Kotb is not just any sexologist; she’s the Arab world’s first celebrity tele-sexologist, and a devout Muslim sexologist to boot. So how does the Doctor of Sex reconcile her performance on satellite TV discussing sexual pleasure with her strictly Islamic principles? Anna Swank investigates.

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Algerian press says new parliament

BBC Monitoring Algerian newspapers today described the new parliament as lacking "credibility and legitimacy" as a result of the very low turnout, officially at 35.51 per cent of the registered voters, in the 17 May legislative elections.     Up to 18 million eligible voters from Algeria's 33 million people cast ballots …

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Russia reaches out to Arab world through TV

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Amani Soliman of BBC Monitoring on 17 May     Rusiya al-Yawm or Russia Today is a state-funded, Arabic-language satellite TV news channel which was launched on 4 May 2007. It is widely seen as the latest front in a Kremlin drive to restore its Soviet-era influence in …

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