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Iran feminist monthly shut down – website

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) website

Tehran, 28 January: An informed source has said that the Press Supervision Board has revoked the licence of Zanan [Women] monthly.

Speaking to ISNA on the session of the Press Supervision Board on Monday [28 January] the source said that the licence of Zanan monthly, managed by Shahla Sherkat, was revoked, by the vote of board members, on the grounds that it endangered spiritual, mental and intellectual health of its readers, gave the impression of insecurity in society, drew a dark image of women's situation in the Islamic Republic, disturbed public rights, weakened military and revolutionary institutes and endangered mental security of society by publishing certain articles.

The sources also said that the case of the monthly has been forwarded to court for further investigation.

Speaking to ISNA, the managing-editor of Zanan Monthly, Shahla Sherkat, said she had not received anything in that regard.

Zanan monthly has published 151 issues a! nd has been active for over a decade.

Source: ISNA website, Tehran, in Persian 1650 gmt 28 Jan 08



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