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Israeli intelligence to set up

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Palestinian newspaper Al-Risalah on 17 January

[Unattributed report: "Shin Bet Establishes Psychological Warfare Unit Against Hamas Using Fatah Media Outlets"]

Gaza, 17 January (Translated [into Arabic] by the Palestinian Media Network) - Israeli television revealed that the Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) has decided to establish a special unit for psychological warfare against Hamas.

The military correspondent of the Israeli Channel Two Television said in the "This Morning" programme of 14 January 2008: "The Shin Bet has decided to establish a special unit for psychological warfare against Hamas, and this war has been going on for a long time."

He added: "Wiretapping equipment tracks landline and cellular phone calls of Hamas leaders as well as their wives. The contents of these calls are studied and then used to support the psychological war against the movement."

The television added that the unit will mainly focus on the war on so-called "terrorism" which Israel is wagin! g against Hamas, pointing out that the Shin Bet will largely depend on Fatah's media outlets, run by President Mahmud Abbas. The corresppondent went on to say: "Israel will do what it did in the past by intensively tracking the calls and all the reports related to Hamas's leaders and then passing them on to the PNA's media to broadcast them on the Palestinian radio and television stations so that the Palestinian public will receive them. The aim behind this is to undermine the trust between the Palestinian public and Hamas's leadership," he said.

Source: Al-Risalah, Gaza, in Arabic 17 Jan 08


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