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Journalists Union condemns former southern Sudan rebels for detaining reporters

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Sudanese newspaper Sudan Vision website on 26 December

Sudanese Journalists General Union has announced its absolute condemnation of the detention of a host of Journalists by Sudan People's Liberation Army [SPLA] in the area of Mulbuk of Upper Nile [State] while they were accompanying the National Congress Party (NCP) delegation visiting the State congratulating citizens on the occasion of Id Al Adha Al-Mubarak celebrations.

In a statement to SMC [Sudanese Media Centre], Journalists Dean Dr Muhidin Titawi stressed that the union rejects any obstruction to journalists while conducting their duties, noting that the detention of TV, Radio and Suna reporters by SPLA is a gross violation of International Conventions and laws.

Titawi demanded an official apology on the part of Government of South Sudan, as well as SPLA, pointing out that SJU will report the case to the International Journalists, African Journalists and East Africa Journalists Unions, stressing that SJU will not forgive such a conduct and strongly! counter any inconveniences against its members.

It is worth mentioning that the detainees, who were released after being subjected to severe insults and other inconveniences, included Ibrahim Musa of Suna, national TV representatives: Al-Manah Ali Al-Manah, Umar Hasan Yahya, Yahya Ibrahim and Al-Amin Muhammad Bashir.

Source: Sudan Vision website, Khartoum, in English on 26 December



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