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New Saudi TV channel aims to confront

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Text of report in English by Saudi newspaper Arab News website on 7 August

Riyadh, 7 August: A new social affairs and marketing channel, Al-Mutahadith, was launched in Riyadh recently.

Salih Abd al-Rahman Al-Abd al-Latif, director of Al-Mutahadith Company for Communication and Information Technology, signed the deal with Arabsat, which will be telecasting the channel's programmes.

Al-Abd al-Latif said that the Al-Mutahadith channel aspired to become the voice of the so-called "Saudi street" and would present a broad programme mix including discussion of religious topics, as well as significant events in Saudi society.

The channel will also have an education and cultural content.

Announcing the launch of Al-Mutahadith, Al-Abd al-Latif said that the new venture was a response to the cultural invasion by foreign channels in the wake of the rapid expansion of electronic media that he felt were contributing to the decline in Saudi moral standards and deeply held beliefs.

The channel will carry preferential market! ing offers for holders of the Al-Mutahadith card.

Source: Arab News website, Jedda, in English 7 Aug 07



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