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Palestinian Hamas TV airs animated film on boy said killed in second intifadah

BBC Monitoring

On 8 December, Al-Aqsa Satellite Television carries a 40-minute computer-animated film entitled "Martyr of the World" [referring to Muhammad al-Durrah, a child who, according to Palestinian media, was shot by Israeli forces during the second intifadah]. The film features Umar, a Palestinian boy living in the United States who receives a flight ticket to "Jerusalem" from his father. Upon arriving at an Israeli airport, Umar is asked by a soldier whether he is "an American or an Arab," to which Umar says: "American; I have a US passport." The soldier harasses Umar and breaks a doll he brought with him as a present for his cousin. Throughout this part of the film, Umar's character wears an NBA cap and a shirt with the word "Chicago" on it.

In the next scenes Umar takes a cab to Jerusalem, where he is shocked and frightened to see Palestinians throwing stones and Israeli soldiers beating and shooting them. Click here[1] to view a

When Umar arrives at the re! sidence of his relatives, he finds out that one of his cousins was wounded by the "occupation" forces. Umar's aunt tells him: "I am sorry for this reception, but the occupation troops are the ones who led to this situation by entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque." Umar's cousin takes him to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and as the two are praying, Israeli soldiers start firing at the worshippers. Umar says: "I'm afraid! I don't want to stay here. I am an American, I have an American passport!" Umar's cousin tells him that he is an Arab and a Muslim and that he may be martyred, regardless of his US passport.

Umar is introduced to local youths who conduct operations against the "ruthless Zionist enemy, who does not spare anyone, not even the children and the elderly." In the following scenes Israeli troops and gunships are seen firing at rioting Palestinians. One scene shows an Israeli soldier firing at a child and his father, killing the child. A song praising martyrdom, which is played ! in the background, identifies the child as Muhammad al-Durrah. In the last few scenes Umar's character wears a green shirt with the words "I Love Quds [Jerusalem]" on it. Upon his return to the United States Umar's mother tells him that by visiting Jerusalem he has done enough for the Palestinian cause. The film ends with Umar's response: "It suffices for now, as you say, but..."

Source: Al-Aqsa Satellite TV, Gaza, in Arabic 1140 gmt 8 Dec 07


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