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Palestinian ministry orders closure of Hamas-run TV

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Text of report by Palestinian news agency Wafa website

    ["Ministry of Information Issues Decree To Close Al-Aqsa Satellite Station Due to its Incitement to Sedition and Killing" - WAFA headline]

    Ramallah, 14 June (WAFA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Information issued an edict today to the effect of shutting down the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa Satellite Television channel for operating without a license, violating Palestinian laws, and inciting to sedition and murder, in addition to its violating of people's dignity and harming their reputation through spreading a culture of violence, intolerance, and hatred. In a statement it released, the ministry called on all relevant parties to carry out this decision immediately.

    The ministry further asserted that its decision should be regarded as a warning to all Palestinian channels taking part in inflaming the atmosphere of violence, sedition, and hatred. The ministry urged all media outlets to reject all forms of fighting, incitement and death, and not to be dragged by those who preach self-destruction, killing, and extremity.

    The ministry requested that all media outlets support the culture of life, pluralism, openness, and dialogue, and opt for reason, rationality, and the national interests over the levelling of accusations, incitement, and accusing others of heresy and treason.

    The ministry further called for supporting the voice of reason, which rejects the exposing of civilians, children, and women to shelling, and rejects the insane shooting, and the violation of the sanctity of hospitals, universities, and mosques in the framework of the ongoing regrettable infighting, which only serves the occupation and covers up its ugly crimes.

    Source: Palestinian news agency Wafa website, Gaza, in Arabic 1041 gmt 14 Jun 07



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