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Book Review | Routledge Handbook on Arab Media

First Edition - Edited By Noureddine Miladi, Noha Mellor (Routledge, 2020) The Routledge Handbook on Arab Media is an encyclopedic depiction of the history, roles, models of ownership, and regulations of print, broadcast, and online media in 20 Arab countries out of the 22 Arab countries represented in the Arab …

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Gender and Issues of Digital Identity among Arab Women: An Ethnographic Study of a Sample of Facebook Users in Algeria (Arabic)

الجندر ومشكلات الهوية الرقمية للمرأة العربية: دراسة إثنوغرافية على عينة من مستخدمات شبكة الفيسبوك بالجزائر تستهدف الدراسة التعرف على تمثلات الهوية الرقمية للمرأة الجزائرية، وإلى أي مدى توجد تحديات تواجه المرأة أثناء تقديمها لهويتها الرقمية عبر شبكة الفيسبوك، وما حدود العلاقة بين الهوية الرقمية والالتزام الجندري من وجهة نظر المرأة …

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90 Day Orientalism: The “Other” Way

The American network TLCs’ 90 Day Fiancé’s casting and storylines have provided its audience with years of entertainment, mostly at the foreign partner’s expense. The reality television industry has grown exponentially throughout the years, thriving on the drama between characters to gain viewership. However, reality television channels, such as Bravo …

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Youth in Morocco: Rebels without a Cause? Youth Violence, Social Media, and the Discontents of Moroccan Consumer Society

Abstract Recently the Moroccan public had to grapple with what was perceived to be a worrying upsurge in youth crime related to Tsharmil or (cyber) bullying in the Moroccan vernacular. Mainstream media coverage of this issue ushered in an overwhelming sense of panic towards “deviant” youth that pose a serious …

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Morocco Launches a Virtual Platform to Support Entrepreneurs

Rabat – The Moroccan General Confederation of Enterprises (CGEM) and the Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs (MCMRE) initiated a joint agreement in Casablanca on Thursday to enable the establishment of a virtual region. The agreement—signed by MCMRE Minister Anis Birrou and the CEO of CGEM …

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Morocco’s Return to African Union Widely Reported by International Media

February 1, 2017 —The 28th Summit of the African Union (AU) ended with a decision to welcome Morocco back to the pan-African body, a return that has been widely reported by international news outlets. The decision comes after Morocco submitted an official request to “accede to the African Union (AUC) Constitutive Act” in September 2016 to pave the way for gaining the AU membership.

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الشباب الجزائري والفيس بوك، بين فرص الاستخدام ومعضلة الإدمان

د.صونية عبديش - أستاذ محاضر بكلية الإعلام والاتصال، جامعة الجزائر صدر مؤخرا عن دار طاكسيج. كوم، بمركز البحوث والدراسات، كتاب جديد للباحثة الجزائرية صونية عبديش، "بعنوان الشباب الجزائري والفيس بوك، بين فرص الاستخدام ومعضلة الإدمان"، الكتاب من الحجم المتوسط مكون من 282 صفحة. من خلال محتوى الكتاب نلمس سعي المؤلفة للإجابة …

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