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Awareness of Deceptive Product Reviews and its Impact on Purchasing Intentions among University Youth: A Survey Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. Deceptive reviews are increasingly prevalent online. Considering existing literature, there are not sufficient research studies that seek to understand the role of deceptive product reviews in affecting acts of online purchasing in the Arab world. This paper attempts to investigate the perception of university youth …

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The Role of Online Journalism in Shaping Knowledge and Attitudes of University Youth Towards Daesh’s Operations in Saudi Arabia: A Field Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. The study seeks to identify the role of online journalism in shaping the knowledge and attitudes of Saudi youth towards Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (Daesh) terrorist activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study used a sample survey method, where a questionnaire …

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Book Review | Routledge Handbook on Arab Media

First Edition - Edited By Noureddine Miladi, Noha Mellor (Routledge, 2020) The Routledge Handbook on Arab Media is an encyclopedic depiction of the history, roles, models of ownership, and regulations of print, broadcast, and online media in 20 Arab countries out of the 22 Arab countries represented in the Arab …

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Factors Influencing Public Attitudes toward Paid Online Newspaper Subscriptions- A Field Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Abstract Despite the implementation of new business models in several Western media organizations, most Arab newspapers have not yet explored these models, and little is known about public attitudes towards their willingness to pay for online news. The study sought to identify factors that …

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Digital and Traditional Media’s Handling of Freedom Issues: A Comparative Study among Egyptian and Saudi Youth (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Abstract With the expansion of the digital public sphere, tackling freedom issues has been widely transferred from traditional mass media to digital platforms. Based on the constructive approach that demonstrates the recipient’s active ability to give meaning to what he/she is exposed to, and …

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Good Neighbors, Fragile Borders

Protect your borders – one critical lesson of the Syrian war that Saudi Arabia is taking close to heart. The Syrian regime proved lethally effective in the art of crushing internal dissent. Its use of informal militias among multiple agencies of security and military, its Arab nationalist propaganda, the projection …

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