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Arab Media & Society invites individuals from around the world to guest host interviews for our podcast series, Talk Media. Podcasts allow our audience  to hear  analysts, authors, scholars, journalists, and other dynamic individuals speak personally about their work and experiences. Due to the accessibility of audio, hosts of varying expertise can produce high quality segments in relatively little time. Talk Media seeks to include voices that showcase the diversity of the Arab world by featuring people from across the region and the globe. The interview’s subject(s), topic, and style are left to the the host’s discretion. All podcasts must be broadly related to media.

The following guidelines should be considered when crafting a submission:

  • There should be minimal ambient noise throughout the interview, and participants’ voices should be clear and at a similar volume. Recording studios are preferable whenever possible.
  • Professional recording devices are strongly encouraged. Many universities provide equipment for rent.
  • Interviews may not be conducted over video call (Skype, FaceTime, etc.).
  • Length should not exceed 25 minutes after editing.
  • Interviews should be edited thoroughly for content and quality. This includes removing excessive pauses or filler words. Interviews may be further edited at the discretion of the editorial team.

Please keep in mind that while we have set a maximum recording length, podcasts should be concise and engaging. Excellent podcasts often include mere minutes from lengthy interviews. Submissions, proposals, and questions may be sent to editor@arabmediasociety.com.