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UK Arabic paper reports on UK conference on Saudi media role

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) news agency

Islamabad, 9 September: Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has issued code of ethics for the mass media institutions and practitioners in its member states to safeguard the Muslim ummah's [community's] values and interests and to fulfil the objectives of the organization. In pursuance also of the recommendations of the of the Seventh Session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers held in Jedda on 13-14 September 2006, the mass media institutions in the OIC member states should abide by the foundational principles of Islamic call, authenticity and modernity, honesty and objectivity, ethical value, discourse of dialogue, Islamic solidarity , quest for learning , combating myth and pessimism, creativity, support for Koranic language, highlighting of development, projecting true image of Islam and Muslims, confronting misleading trends and training of mass media practitioners

According to the draft, mass media institutions and practitioners in t! he OIC member states should abide by the ethical values of public trust, truth, fairness, integrity and independence while performing their duties. The preamble of the draft says that since Islam has a distinctive information method derived from the Koran, the Prophet's tradition (Sunnah) and Islamic heritage, information in the OIC member states must be founded on the guidance of Islam in planning, implementation and appraisal, in order to strengthen the Islamic creed, shari'ah and morals in the lives of Muslims.

Islam has a system of values that embodies an integrated group of political, economic, social and moral principles, constituting in their totality a special way of life, which has given Islamic cultural identity its distinctive traits.

Therefore, it is important to raise public awareness in the OIC member states and throughout the world on the tenets and values of Islam, including among the youth using various mass media channels.

The draft call ! on to mass media institutions, including radio and television stations , satellite channels, print and online media organizations to foster the highest professional standards of journalism, promote public understanding and awareness about their worldly life while abiding by the ethical values and good behavioural conduct in taking charge of such duties.

Source: Associated Press of Pakistan news agency, Islamabad, in English 0914 gmt 9 Sep 07



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