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Shereen Kedwany

.مُحاضر، قسم الإعلام كلية الآداب، جامعة أسيوط، مصر

Lecturer, Mass Communication Department, Faculty of Arts, Assiut University, Egypt.

Debunking COVID-19 Fake News on Arabic Fact-Checking Websites: An Analytical Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an information crisis, labeled an “Infodemic”. This study explores the methodology of debunking fake news related to the pandemic on independent Arabic fact-checking websites. The study’s results are derived from a textual and visual analysis of the content related to …

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The Role of Egyptian Science YouTube Channels in Promoting Scientific Literacy- An analytical study based on Media Richness Theory (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Due to the rapid technological and scientific advances nowadays, the need to improve scientific literacy has become increasingly important for Arab citizens. YouTube is a Web 2.0 video-sharing platform, widely used by ordinary citizens-called “YouTubers”- to increase the public's interest in science and science …

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