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Issue Introduction | Decoding the Echo Chamber: The Proliferation and Impact of Fake News in Arab Media Post-Arab Spring

In our information-driven society, individuals increasingly consume news instantly via online platforms, including news websites, social media, blogs, and forums. In particular, social media platforms have become fertile ground for the proliferation of fake news, where false information is produced and widely disseminated, often from untraceable IP addresses (Shae and …

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Building Up the Arab Science Journalism Landscape

Science journalism in the Arab world has passed through many ups and downs; this has been particularly true for the better part of the last decade. Science journalists and editors were initially optimistic that the opening of the media landscape ushered in by the uprisings of 2011 would provide the …

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When the issues of youth and media are addressed, we should consider the course of that relationship and its limits. For technological and sociological reasons, media—especially new and emerging platforms—are characterized by successive leaps towards greater interaction and freedom of communication. The media is no longer something that can be …

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