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Egypt: Editors urge

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Egyptian news agency MENA

Cairo, 3 October: Chief editors of a number of independent and partisan newspapers on Wednesday [3 October] underlined the importance of unity of the press community in Egypt.

At a meeting in the Egyptian Press Syndicate, they urged the syndicate to hold a meeting to discuss the current situation of the Egyptian press.

They urged seeking means of activating the Press Code of Ethics and stopping the harassment of journalists in Egypt.

The chief editors urged waiting to see the outcome of efforts undertaken by a committee for dialogue with the authorities regarding handing down court rulings against some journalists in publication cases.

Attending the meeting were the editors of Al-Usbu, al-Ahrar, Al-Misri al-Yawm and Al-Ahali along with Al-Jil and al-Nahar newspapers.

Source: MENA news agency, Cairo, in English 1556 gmt 3 Oct 07



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