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Iraqi Kurdish paper laments

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Haval Abubakr headlined: "Future reports and Kurdistan Region", published by Iraqi independent daily newspaper Rozhnama on 29 November

According to the intelligence that has emerged from the US State Department, the United Nations agencies and the international non-governmental organizations, it is expected that the upcoming reports of the US State Department, due to be issued at the end of this December, will once again contain a number of negative points on the Kurdistan Region. Whether because they are our friends and whether our friend is the one who shows us our mistake and rubs it in, or due to the political equations, internally, regionally and outside Iraq, too, the Americans wish to subject Kurdistan to more minute scrutiny. They do not believe only the artificial pictures they get from some people and centres. Rather, they would like to see with their own eyes those scenes that they take with their own cameras, print the pictures and incorporate them in the reports they draw up to organize their friends.

It may not be so important to some people what scenes about us those pictures ! depict by international reporters. However, this is appalling carelessness if we think that the reports cannot affect the Kurdish position as a parliamentary component and in administrative and political respects.

But if those remarks and points that will be included in this new report are identical with, or similar to, those in the former reports, they will aggravate the displeasure of our friends to the extent that their confidence in our civilized pledges will fade. Our bright promises will be bleached when we transfer the democracy of compromise from a problematical Iraq infested with tribalism, sectarianism and racist nationalism to Kurdistan, a transfer that will eliminate political aspirations and civilized competition. Only the parties will be enough to express incompletely the unanimity among all the people. It will be a case, in which they oftentimes show us their own conflicts as unanimity. They conduct the elections of the unions and organizations in such ! a way that only guarantees that the discrepancies will not appear, and not a real representation of those professionals and masses that rally around and within them.

I hope that our picture as Kurds in any internal, regional and international discussions and reports will be a glorious picture and one that is the result of an unquestionable reality. I hope it will express the development of democracy, the protection of the freedom of thought and expression, away from retaliation, murder and mental and physical terrorism of Kurds, as a nation that longs for a life of freedom and respect for the differences.

However, aspirations are something and the reality is another. The reports should not be delivered while our pictures in them are always hazy and vague. This is because time will elapse and we will not find someone who will express his empathy for our sufferings, and God forbid will take us for executioners instead of the real sacrifices.

Source: Rozhnama, Sulaymaniyah, in Sorani Kurdish 29 Nov 07 p 16


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