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Asharq Al-Awsat:

Mideast Wire On May 3, the English language website of the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat carried the following report by Lahem al-Nasser: "There has been a focus upon Islamic banking by different forms of media, including television, over the past two years. The programs that are broadcast by television channels …

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Sami Al Haj Freed From Guantanamo

Al Jazeera Press Release DOHA, 2 May 2008: Al Jazeera is pleased to declare that Sami al Haj, their cameraman who has been held for six years in Guantanamo Bay, has finally been released from American military custody and has returned to Sudan.  After six years without due process and over …

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Kuwait: “Electoral satellite channels for rent…”

Mideast Wire On April 28, the independent Al-Khaleej daily carried the following report by Hussein al-Bajalati: “Satellite channels were put up for rent before the candidates running in the Kuwaiti parliamentary elections, in light of official reassurances stating that the Kuwaiti government has abstained from engaging in the political conflict …

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Mideast Wire On April 21, the Hariri-owned Al-Mustaqbal newspaper carried the following report by Fadi Shamiyan: “There is enough evidence that the telephone network of Hezbollah has become a reality. This is not only the case in the towns that form "defensive lines" in the south where there are rocket …

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