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Remembering Anthony Shadid’s Craft and Conscience

The many deserved accolades and tributes to the late New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid after his death in February were moving testaments to his life and work.[1] It was hard to count the many ways in which his friends and colleagues—and thousands of readers who never knew him personally—emphasized …

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Emirates Press Law

When Emirates officials offered a revised press law, a storm followed. Some journalists and human rights groups did not consider it an improvement. Dana El-Baltaji explains what’s happened there and why it matters for the Gulf and Arab world.

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New Challenges for Arab Satellite Television

Special section: "Actors and New Stakes in the Euro-Arab Satellite Scene": Reports from the Institut du Monde Arabe's first Arab broadcasting seminar The essential question at hand in this seminar—the complex state of the Arab satellite broadcasting industry, and its relations with Mediterranean neighbors—was "phrased" in various ways by different panels, with …

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