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Gamal El Shaer

Gamal El Shaer is currently the President of the Egyptian Radio and Television Institute. He is also an anchor at the Egyptian Radio and Television Union. He contributes in the Egyptian Initiative to Enhance and Develop Egyptian Media, planning projects at the high Council for Media Organization. He also is currently working towards creating a syndicate for those involved in media in Egypt. He has presented on media and Egypt in many venues both regionally and internationally.


Mapping Egypt’s Media: State Influence in a Transforming Landscape

President of the Egyptian Radio and Television Institute Gamal El Shaer presents unique insight into the current Egyptian media landscape. Grounded in historical discussion of the evolution of broadcast, print, and digital media in Egypt, El Shaer offers lucid description and analysis of how we have arrived at the current post-Revolution media environment. This article also tackles some of the challenges currently facing the country’s media in terms of the relationship between the state and the media, ownership structures, research, and professionalism.

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