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الزواج السعيد بين الإعلام والرياضة.. هل أصبح أكثر سعادة؟ نحو أجندة بحثية جديدة في العصر الرقمي

مقدمة يقول ديفيد روي (Rowe 2004) في كتابه المعروف الثالوث الصعب: الرياضة، والثقافة، ووسائل الإعلام: "في جميع أنحاء العالم وعلى اتساع مناطق الكرة الأرضية باختلاف توقيتاتها، يشترك الناس ذوو الثقافات واللغات والديانات والأيديولوجيات المختلفة والمتباينة في خبرات يومية متشابهة.. إنها الاهتمام بالرياضة وأخبارها، التي تتضمن أفرادًا وفرقًا وأندية وجماعات يجتمعون معا …

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Daesh and the Power of Media and Message

Abstract This paper, as a part of an on-going research project, examines Daesh's media (2014-2017) and seeks to provide a deeper understanding of how Daesh spreads its messages. It focuses on the importance of media as one of the main factors behind Daesh’s power. It also demonstrates that in order …

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Youth in Morocco: Rebels without a Cause? Youth Violence, Social Media, and the Discontents of Moroccan Consumer Society

Abstract Recently the Moroccan public had to grapple with what was perceived to be a worrying upsurge in youth crime related to Tsharmil or (cyber) bullying in the Moroccan vernacular. Mainstream media coverage of this issue ushered in an overwhelming sense of panic towards “deviant” youth that pose a serious …

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BOOK REVIEW | As Terrorism Evolves

Seib, P. (2017). As Terrorism Evolves: Media, Religion and Governance. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. USC journalism professor Philip Seib has done a great service for those who follow media-driven events connected with terrorism inspired by Middle East- and Africa-based terror groups that have, for many, become household names, such …

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Preserving the Past, Mobilizing the Past: The Nakba as a Prospective Media Realm

Abstract This article discusses the mediated presentation of the Nakba in the post-Oslo era through an examination of ‘anniversarial’ journalism. By viewing media as an interpretative memory community, this work reveals how Palestinian society has shaped its ideological framing and worldview over time. Building on previous scholarly works which challenge …

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COLUMN | Qatar’s Costly Miscalculations

Tensions between Qatar and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab countries resurfaced with a vengeance in May 2017. The latest escalation came in response to statements allegedly made by Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in support of Iran as the region's power broker, and …

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