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DMC TV Network Takes Over

DMC TV network started broadcasting its long list of television programs and series in Egypt on January 14, establishing itself as a major player in the Arab media landscape.

So far, little information has been made available clarifying leadership structure and budget, however based on the quality and diversity of programming, their operational budget is sizable.

DMC Sports, which began airing in September 2016, preceded the official launch of DMC.The sports channel offers coverage of the Egyptian Premier League (EFL) and the Egyptian Second division.

For example, Al-Maksoora (The Cabin)—the main show on DMC Sports—is presented by prominent TV host Ibrahim Fayek who is mostly joined by Egypt’s legendary football manager Hassan Shehata and other ex-football players and managers.

This is also the case for entertainment, religious programming, and talk shows offered by the network, with almost none presented by young cadres. This is in stark contrast with some other networks operating on a relatively small budget, sometimes hiring new hosts in order to avoid shelling out high salaries.

Following the DMC opening ceremony in January—which was attended by a large number of public figures and government officials—DMC TV and DMC Drama began to broadcast about 9 entertainment shows and 4 exclusive series.

The series include Ekhtyar Egbari (Inevitable Choice) starring Ahmed Zaher, Khaled Selim and Karim Fahmy and Al-Aab Al-Roohi (The God Father) starring Mahmoud Hemeda and Sawsan Badr. Hagar Gohanam (Stones of Hell)—starring Eyad Nassar and Kinda Aloush—and the Spanish series Grand Hotel are also expected to be broadcasted by DMC.

The entertainment shows are, for the most part, presented by well-known singers or actors. Although this reflects an approach that has been followed by both state-owned or private-owned media in Egypt for several decades, DMC has introduced an unprecedented number of shows of this type.

These shows include E’esh Al-Leila (Enjoy the Night) with actor Ashraf Abdel Baky; Bayomi Afandi with actor Bayomi Fouad; A’adet Regala (Gathering of Men) with actors Sherif Salama, Eyad Nassar and Maksim Khalil, Sherry’s Studio with singer Sherine and Ta’a Eshrab Shai (Come and Drink Tea) with actress Ghada Adel.

Speaking to Al-Watan newspaper in January, Emad Rabie—DMC’s CEO—said that the coming period will witness the launching of further channels such as DMC Kids, DMC News and DMC Masrah (Theatre).

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