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Nahoul the jihadist bee debuts on Hamas TV

BBC Monitoring A new character, Nahoul the bee, has appeared this week on children's programmes broadcast by the Hamas movement's Al-Aqsa TV station.     Nahoul - who says he is the "cousin" of Farfur, the Mickey Mouse look-alike character recently killed off on Al-Aqsa TV's children's series Tomorrow's Pioneers - has …

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Iraq’s Al-Zawraa TV apologizes to viewers over

BBC Monitoring Al-Zawraa TV, the pro-Sunni television channel known for showing footage of insurgent attacks on US-led coalition forces has apologized to its viewers for the constant interruption to its signal, which it claims is caused by jamming.     An on-screen ticker observed since 7 July states "The channel apologizes to …

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Egyptian media angry over conditions in US aid bill

BBC Monitoring By Muhammad Shukri of BBC Monitoring on 17 July     A recent bill passed by the US House of Representatives setting conditions on the payment of 200m of 1.3bn billion dollars the USA annually gives Egypt in military aid has drawn angry reactions from Egyptian official and independent media. …

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UK Arabic paper says media freedom in Saudi Arabia

BBC Monitoring Text of report by London-based newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi website on 13 July     [Article by Ahmad al-Misri, datelined London: "A female broadcaster accuses the Saudi Information Ministry of administrative corruption. A journalist expelled for writing about the squandering of public funds. The freedom of the press in Saudi Arabia …

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Iran media under pressure tilts in favour of government

BBC Monitoring By Saeed Barzin of BBC Monitoring on 11 July     Control of the Iranian media is tilting in favour of the government and the right wing as increasing number of news outlets are put under pressure or banned.     Government supporters say opposition journalists are campaigning to bring down the …

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