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Analysis: Iranian media outlets face further restrictions

BBC Monitoring By BBC Monitoring's Media Specialists on 4 July     Another newspaper has been banned in Iran, the reformist Ham-Mihan; and at the same time, the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) has apparently shut down temporarily after its managing director Mas'ud Heydari submitted his resignation on 3 July.     ILNA has …

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Army of Islam: Johnston to be

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Palestinian Ramattan News Agency website, headlined: "In new statement, Army of Islam reiterates demand to free Sajidah, Abu-Qatadah, Al-Maqdisi in exchange for Johnston's release" - Ramattan headline]     Gaza, 26 June: The Army of Islam reiterated its demand to free Sajidah al-Iraqiyah [sentenced to death …

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Radical religious Al-Nas TV gains influence in Egypt

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Muhammad Shukri of BBC Monitoring on 26 June     Al-Nas (The People) TV, an Arabic-language religious satellite TV channel which broadcasts 24 hours a day from the Media Production City in 6 October City in Egypt, has mesmerized Egyptian and Arab viewers generally.     A few months after …

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Fatah and Hamas engage in internet video war

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Malik Mohamed al-Abdeh of BBC Monitoring on 20 June     The struggle for power between Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas has spilled over to the internet, with a "video war" conducted using the popular video sharing website YouTube. As both groups have moved to disrupt each other's …

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Pan-Arab TV coverage of Gaza events

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Amani Soliman of BBC Monitoring,     The events in Gaza dominated the coverage of the pan-Arab satellite channels, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, between 11-16 June.     On 11 June, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya were busy with the Shura Council elections in Egypt, which took up most of their air time. …

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Fatah broadcast outlets in Gaza silenced

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Peter Feuilherade of BBC Monitoring on 15 June     After five days of intense fighting against their Fatah rivals, Hamas forces appeared to be in complete control over the Gaza Strip on 15 June.     Hamas Prime Minister Isma'il Haniyah said he would ignore a decree from Palestinian …

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