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Analysis: Iranian media outlets face further restrictions

BBC Monitoring By BBC Monitoring's Media Specialists on 4 July     Another newspaper has been banned in Iran, the reformist Ham-Mihan; and at the same time, the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) has apparently shut down temporarily after its managing director Mas'ud Heydari submitted his resignation on 3 July.     ILNA has …

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Radical religious Al-Nas TV gains influence in Egypt

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Muhammad Shukri of BBC Monitoring on 26 June     Al-Nas (The People) TV, an Arabic-language religious satellite TV channel which broadcasts 24 hours a day from the Media Production City in 6 October City in Egypt, has mesmerized Egyptian and Arab viewers generally.     A few months after …

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Army of Islam: Johnston to be

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Palestinian Ramattan News Agency website, headlined: "In new statement, Army of Islam reiterates demand to free Sajidah, Abu-Qatadah, Al-Maqdisi in exchange for Johnston's release" - Ramattan headline]     Gaza, 26 June: The Army of Islam reiterated its demand to free Sajidah al-Iraqiyah [sentenced to death …

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Fatah and Hamas engage in internet video war

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Malik Mohamed al-Abdeh of BBC Monitoring on 20 June     The struggle for power between Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas has spilled over to the internet, with a "video war" conducted using the popular video sharing website YouTube. As both groups have moved to disrupt each other's …

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Pan-Arab TV coverage of Gaza events

BBC Monitoring Analysis by Amani Soliman of BBC Monitoring,     The events in Gaza dominated the coverage of the pan-Arab satellite channels, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, between 11-16 June.     On 11 June, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya were busy with the Shura Council elections in Egypt, which took up most of their air time. …

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Local journalists in Gaza Strip

BBC Monitoring Text of report in English by Palestinian Ma'an News Agency website; subheadings as published     Bethlehem - Ma'an: In light of the absence of foreign press coverage in the Gaza Strip, the secret stories remain buried and local journalists are afraid to report as they feel their lives are …

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