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A Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter in Manib after the SDF took control of it. Photography by Rodi Said via Reuters. July 1, 2016.

U.S. Media Ignores Civilian Deaths from Syrian Drone Strikes

RABAT—Syrian activists estimate that U.S. airstrikes on Tuesday morning left at least 73 civilians dead.

The strike was part of an extended attempt to claim the town of Manbij, a key site in northern Syria. U.S. Central Command reported that the airstrikes destroyed ISIS infrastructure in the region. Chief spokesman Col. Christopher Garver told The Guardian that ISIS is using civilians as “human shields” in the Manjib area, which might account for any civilian deaths.

Although a comparable number of civilians died in the Tuesday bombing and the recent attack in Nice, American news outlets barely mentioned the event. Even The New York Times, which typically provides wide coverage of issues overseas, did not place the civilian deaths on its front page Tuesday or Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon, an article entitled “Dozens of Civilians Reported Dead in U-S. Led Syria Airstrike” finally appeared in the paper. However, it was not featured on the ‘World News’ page. It was the fourteenth entry in a list of additional articles, placed under stories about dental health and the art scene in an Italian town.


A version of this article was originally published in Morocco World News.

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