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New Iranian reformist website launched

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Iranian news website Norooz on 20 January Dastranj website, at www.dastranj.ir, has joined the country's electronic media. ["Dastranj" means "product of toil" or "wage".] The site's director told Norooz: The site has been launched on the basis of a reformist policy and with the …

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Israeli intelligence to set up

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Palestinian newspaper Al-Risalah on 17 January [Unattributed report: "Shin Bet Establishes Psychological Warfare Unit Against Hamas Using Fatah Media Outlets"] Gaza, 17 January (Translated [into Arabic] by the Palestinian Media Network) - Israeli television revealed that the Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) has decided …

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Iraqi president files lawsuit against Kurdish newspaper

BBC Monitoring Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has filed a lawsuit against Hawlati newspaper for publishing an article by an American writer, the website of independent twice-weekly Hawlati reported on 18 January. The Political Bureau spokesman of Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Mala Bakhtiyar, said: "The whole report is fabricated …

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UAE to launch communications satellite in 2010

BBC Monitoring Text of report in English by Dubai newspaper Khaleej Times website on 16 January Abu Dhabi: The first step has been taken by an Abu Dhabi company to launch the UAE's first communications satellite. A letter of intent (LOI) has been signed by Al Yah Satellite Communications Company …

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Thai PM

BBC Monitoring Text of report in English by Thai newspaper The Nation website on 16 January Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont admitted Wednesday [16 January] that his government is still in the dark about the leasing of a satellite channel by Thaicom to the Hezbollah-backed television channel al-Manar. Surayud said his …

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Hamas official accuses Fatah of

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Hamas-backed newspaper Filistin website on 15 January [Report by Hadil Atallah: "Abu-Hashish: Abu-Khawsah's admission gives Filastin and the families of Al-Ishi and Abdu to institute legal proceedings against him"] Dr Hasan Abu-Hashish, director of the government media office and Information Ministry under secretary in …

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