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Report pofiles Saudi publisher of UK-based Al-Hayat newspaper

BBC Monitoring Text of report by London-based, Saudi-owned Elaph website on 4 September [Report by Sultan al-Qahtani in Riyadh: "Suspension of 'London-based Al-Hayat' and its Return: Latest Battle of 'Fighter From the Desert.' Khalid Bin-Sultan Led Successful Attempts To Have his Newspaper Published Again"] Prince Khalid Bin-Sultan, publisher of the …

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UK: BBC Arabic TV channel to be carried on Arabsat

BBC Monitoring Text of BBC press release on 4 September The BBC has teamed up with Arabsat to distribute its new Arabic TV channel to the satellite provider's 164 million viewers in the Middle East, Southern Mediterranean and Europe via Arabsat Badr-4 at 26 degree East. Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat President …

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Iran: Radio Farda broadcaster allowed to leave

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty website on 4 September; subheadings as published An Iranian-American broadcaster banned from leaving Iran for the past seven months has been given permission to leave the country. Parnaz Azima collected her passport from authorities today and told Radio Farda she …

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Hezbollah denounces Swedish cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Lebanese National News Agency website ["Hezbollah denounces offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad published in Swedish newspaper" - NNA headline] Beirut, 3 Sep (NNA) - The Public Relations Office of Hezbollah has issued a statement in which it said that "the offensive cartoons of the …

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Al-Jazeera TV to run training courses in Syria

BBC Monitoring Text of press release from the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera Network on 1 September Doha, Qatar, 1 September 2007: Al-Jazeera Network announced today that its Training and Development Centre will launch a training partnership with the Syrian International Academy. A senior Al-Jazeera delegation headed by the director-general of the Al-Jazeera …

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