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Hezbollah denounces Swedish cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Lebanese National News Agency website

["Hezbollah denounces offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad published in Swedish newspaper" - NNA headline]

Beirut, 3 Sep (NNA) - The Public Relations Office of Hezbollah has issued a statement in which it said that "the offensive cartoons of the master of God's messengers - Prophet Muhammad, may God's peace and blessings be upon him and his kin - published in a Swedish newspaper are nothing but a new episode of the inveterate grudge against Islam and a desperate attempt to smear the religion of mercy. It is a backward and a cowardly act that can never be explained with any modicum of logic and reason and one that barricades itself behind insults and offence to the sentiments of others."

"While Hezbollah vigorously denounces this act, it calls upon the official authorities to put an end to such unethical acts and to respect the sentiments and rights of Muslims. It also calls for not allowing a spiteful or a racist person to hurt the sentiments of a wide segment of people all over the world only because he is driven by rancour or suspicious goals."

Source: Lebanese National News Agency website, Beirut, in Arabic 1228 gmt 3 Sep 07


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