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BREAKING NEWS : Jihadi TV Al Zawraa in Europe?

TBS Publisher Lawrence Pintak: Insurgent TV Coming to a Satellite Near You?

"A controversial TV channel that is the voice of Iraq's anti-American insurgents looks set to open another front in the propaganda war against the U.S. The head of Al-Zawraa, which airs footage produced by the Islamic Army of Iraq, says he has finalized a deal for the channel to be distributed on three European satellites, including one seen by American viewers."

BREAKING NEWS: Why is an Iraqi insurgent channel free-to-air in Egypt?

Pintak investigates in Cairo Ignores U.S. Request to Pull Plug on Jihadi TV in Iraq

"Sunni-Shia power politics and U.S.-Egyptian relations are at the center of a dispute over a satellite television station that is the latest weapon in the arsenal of Iraq's insurgents."

OTHER NEWS : Al Jazeera English launches

Lawrence Pintak suggests the new channel is A CNN for the Developing World 

"Call it the Un-CNN. Imagine the BBC devoting 24 hours to special coverage of Africa and the Middle East. Picture that and it will give you a sense of the first day of broadcasting for al-Jazeera International (AJI), the English-language cousin of the channel the Bush administration loves to hate. "

OTHER NEWS: TBS Publisher on the Lebanese Crisis and the Media

See Fog of Cable for Lawrence Pintak's analysis of US cable coverage of Lebanon: 

"As someone who lives and breathes Middle East politics and media, I have had the bizarre -- and frustrating -- experience of watching the current conflict play out on U.S. cable television, and I am reminded once again why many Americans have such a limited -- and distorted -- view of the world."

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