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Issue Introduction

Media, with its ubiquity in the digital age and as a purveyor of information, plays a pivotal role in these uncertain times.  Recent events have shown that news outlets can play a political role, at times on behalf of an entire nation. This trend has become increasingly prevalent in the …

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These are unprecedented times. The world as a whole has not experienced crises of the scale and magnitude that we are currently seeing. Perhaps the heightened feelings of fear and aggravation in the face of these crises, and the realization of their consequences, has stemmed in part from the spread …

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A Note on Our First Bilingual Issue

Arab Media & Society the biannual journal of the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo is publishing its inaugural bilingual Arabic/English issue. Our Spring 2016 edition features scholarship, research articles, columns, conference reports, book excerpts and reviews, and podcasts all addressing the theme of “Media and Terrorism”.

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