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When the issues of youth and media are addressed, we should consider the course of that relationship and its limits. For technological and sociological reasons, media—especially new and emerging platforms—are characterized by successive leaps towards greater interaction and freedom of communication.

The media is no longer something that can be defined within a narrow and defined scope. The human element now plays a major role. Technological innovation and human ingenuity combine to produce the broad range of media platforms and communication channels that we see today. This new wave of digital media is being continually developed by youth, who are consistently finding bridges between traditional and digital media platforms.

The digital world has been associated with young people in terms of their development and consumption, and the market has become more encouraging of projects undertaken by young entrepreneurs and innovators. This has been a recent trend, drawing attention to the importance of young people which has been reflected in the increase in international forums for communication and dialogue with their counterparts from different cultures for the benefit of society at the local, regional, and global levels.

Youth is not just an age, but a state of continuous mobility, upon which communities build their hopes and rely to reach their greatest goals. Therefore, fully understanding this demographic and creating a climate for their participation in all things is a sign of progress and guidance. It becomes a dangerous thing if young people lack the ability to create and participate effectively.

This challenge is now linked to media awareness among the youth, awareness of its comprehensive concept considering the information flow and the spread of rumors. It is no longer under the control of institutions since the media has moved from addressing the public to addressing individuals and users.

The aspirations of young people and the development of information technology require constantly keeping up with innovative research and exploring the context of this relationship. This issue of Arab Media & Society is devoted to discussing this subject in various aspects, with best wishes and many thanks to all contributors.

About Nabil Fahmy

Ambassador Nabil Fahmy is the founding Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo and former Foreign Minister of Egypt.

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